Real Time not responsible for published Britain marques

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I read, with interest, your article BTA prepares Britain brand (DW 15 August), which followed on from a considerable amount of speculative reporting in the national press.

However, I have to correct your assumption that all the designs you illustrated were the work of Real Time. In fact, none of them are.

Potential clients may have read your article and made judgements about our creative ability which might affect future business. Also, the other design groups involved in the BTA pitch, whose work was reproduced in your magazine, might feel aggrieved that their work was attributed to Real Time.

There has been an enormous speculation about the Britain marque. The project has been one of Real Time’s most challenging and exciting.

The marque will be launched in Trafalgar Square on 22 September when all will be revealed.

Trevor Chambers

Creative director

Real Time Studio

London W1V

We would be pleased to hear from the design groups whose work is featured here – Ed

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