Blue Marlin dresses up new Kraft brand

Kraft foods (UK) is launching a salad dressings brand, Get Dressed, with its £150 000 name and identity, graphics and packaging by Blue Marlin.

Get Dressed launches in the UK at the end of March. It will be followed by a wider roll out, details of which are to be confirmed, a Blue Marlin spokeswoman says.

Blue Marlin has consolidated Kraft’s existing range of dressings, which has now been extended to six variants. Honey and Mustard joins existing flavours Thousand Island, Creamy Caesar, Classic French, Classic Italian and Herb ‘n’ Garlic.

The range is designed to change consumers’ perceptions of salad dressings and educate them about the use of dressings, make them more visible in-store and excite them about dressings, according to Blue Marlin managing partner Andrew Eyles.

Blue Marlin has revamped the physical structure of the bottle as well as creating graphic work. The bottle’s shape is based on an exclamation mark and the label features an image of salad on the front with a salad recipe on the back.

Low-fat variants will be maintained with ‘fat free’ branding in cyan on bottle caps, neck bands and display trays. The Get Dressed name was generated by Blue Marlin following consumer workshops in early 2001, Eyles says.

The redesigned bottle structure complements the Get Dressed brand identity created by Blue Marlin, says Kraft dressings brand manager Christine Iverson.

Blue Marlin won a paid strategic pitch at the end of 2000.

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