Hobbins Sides brands TV3 channel

Hobbins Sides has created a package of branding for Swedish TV station Viasat’s TV3 channel, which will be aired for the first time on 8 March as part of its spring schedule.

The fee was ‘around £25 000’, says Hobbins Sides producer Eira Fesnoux. The work consists of a series of five 14-second idents, along with a further five that are ‘essentially eight second cut-downs’, plus several three-second stings and blips, she says.

The idents, which were created and directed by designer Mark Hobbins, feature live-action scenarios of young people getting ready to go out from a ‘mirror’s eye view’, which end on a tattoo that turns into TV3’s main identity, adds Fesnoux.

The target audience is mainly 15- to 35-year-olds and the scenarios are intended to reflect the channel’s output, using the theme of ‘love is in the air’.

Fesnoux says, ‘The client was looking for creative work that was going to be upbeat and fun, but also modern and edgy. Tattoos are both statements of love and currently very fashionable.’

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