More reasons why people are turning to freelancing

I am writing regarding the recent feature Going it Alone by Mike Exon (DW 7 February). The feature made interesting reading, but it did seem to go off on a tangent about the issue of why freelancing has its own advantages over staying in a permanent role.

Having polled a number of regular freelances last week, I asked them why they chose to join the freelance market? I have listed the five most popular answers in ascending order:

First, freelancing provided the prospect of taking on new, challenging and diverse work versus the same old projects day in day out in a full-time role.

Second, a premium freelance wage and the tax concessions (for the self employed) in comparison to basic salary.

Third, you gain the freedom to work when you want, the flexibility to suit your lifestyle or your family commitments.

Fourth, the new entitlement to four weeks paid holiday under the new IR35 ruling.

And fifth, the ability to work from a home studio (once you have established yourself).

Going freelance is a tough decision to make, I hope the above points may make it a little easier for anyone giving it serious thought.

Peter Cook

Recruitment consultant

Mac Recruitment

High Wycombe HP12 3RE

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