Collaboration is key to successful legible city schemes

In response to your article ‘Making city life more legible’ (DW 21 February), I would like to reinforce how important collaborative working between different design disciplines has been in developing successful legible city schemes over the past decade.

Bristol Legible City was the result of a client with vision and a team that included Mike Rawlinson, latterly of City ID, Tim Fendley, then of MetaDesign, and myself while an associate at PSD, the latter later consumed by Fitch (I never worked at MetaDesign, as suggested in the article).

As well as the Glasgow project, Lacock Gullam has collaborated on other schemes with Applied Information Group, including developing the physical aspects of the Legible London scheme discussed in your article.

I believe it is the appropriate mixture of disciplines within teams that can make the difference to whether such projects can provide the quality of design response needed to deliver longevity and sustainability within the urban realm.

Sam Gullam, Director, Lacock Gullam, London N16

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