Creative Orchestra plays new look for eco-radio station

Branding and advertising social enterprise Creative Orchestra is creating a new identity and website for Passion for the Planet, the UK’s largest eco-radio station with more than 100 000 listeners.

The station’s name will be retained, but the consultancy has been asked to ‘bring the brand into the new decade’, says Chris Arnold, creative partner at the consultancy.

Arnold says the new website will ‘enter the world of speech and music and look behind the [radio] dial’, to reflect ‘a more dimensional’ age of DAB and Internet radio.

Neuro-linguistic programming techniques will be employed to profile the station’s listeners, according to Arnold. These will instruct the website and new identity, which Arnold says will steer away from Green and ethical clichés.

‘It will be progressive. We don’t need loose-hand type, trees, windmills and all that cobblers,’ he adds.

The consultancy will also look to develop a social marketing campaign targeting listeners.

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  • Sarah Lane November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Glad someone is trying to break away from all those cliches at last. Great station, I listen a lot.

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