Designers need to sell concept of inclusivity to clients

It is encouraging to see that Comment (DW 21 June) focuses on that fundamental of the design profession and discipline, ‘inclusivity’.

I began my career in design with the rather grandiose and perhaps conceited idea that what I could offer back to society at large, from the position I wished to adopt as a design professional, would hopefully benefit the many, rather than the few.

We have, in that same profession, seen a far greater ignorance towards the needs of our society than otherwise. I do not intend that we should adopt a fragile altruism, but that we should have a broader approach towards the practice and result of what we do.

This in turn requires that the design profession introduce such responsible concepts to its clients. Some will concur and enthusiastically partner such incentives, others will no doubt have viable commercial reasons to avoid the issues at all cost.

Having recently had to help an 87-year-old relative with the purchase of food and essential services, I can attest to the fact that it is not easy.

Forget on-line shopping, forget Age Concern, forget social services – rather, as it seems, they have forgotten the reasons for their own existence.

And yes, we all know there is a commercial market there, but let’s not forget our responsibility to ourselves, in the ‘inclusive’ sense.

David Chaloner

Creative director

Conran Design Group

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