Bums on courts

Milan-based Paulo Araldi has been going to the Wimbledon Championships for the past seven years. During that time, he’s been multi-skilling, as a tennis correspondent for the Italian daily La Repubblica and as a photographer. His exhibition Time, Please: History and Mood of Wimbledon, charts the crowds, the grounds, the officials and the players, mainly in reportage-style black and white. He also presents a few pictures of that natural, but somehow hilarious phenomenon: rain. He’s quite keen on the human form, too, particularly in the form of legs (of ball boys and girls, line judges and players) and bottoms (mostly of players). Some of the most successful shots are those taken when the subjects are not aware of the camera, like Venus and Serena Williams sitting together between games. Others seem to catch players at just the right moment mid-swing, turning torsos into mobile sculptures. The Italian Cultural Institute’s curator Rossana Pittelli describes them as elegant and impressive, and hopes that art and sport can help humanity.

Time, Please: History and Mood of Wimbledon runs till 6 July at the Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square, London SW1

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