University lecturing: do it for the love, not the money

Adrian Shaughnessy’s kvetching about university bureaucracy deserves a dismissive riposte; it’s a soft target. Welcome to the world of academic teaching pay. You mention ‘miniscule fees’ once too often.

What do you pay junior designers? Does your group offer unpaid placements? How often have you made a free business pitch?

These are all issues that are probably not our business, because it’s your small, private business. Universities are large and publicly accountable.

Automatic deduction of Pay As You Earn tax is not a requirement of university bureaucracy, but Inland Revenue policy.

Why do I have the idea that you feel we’re not showing you enough deference? Lecture because you’re worth it! I don’t recall Alan Fletcher or Ken Garland bitching, in print, about lecture fees.

Get real: we are all meat in the sandwich of business and state.

Bev Whitehead, Senior lecturer, University College for the Creative Arts, Epsom KT18 5BE

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