King Carson of Ray Gun takes royal wrong turn

The Royal Geographical Society in Kensington was packed to the gunwales last week as Ray Gun and Beach Culture designer David Carson talked of his life and loves. Tension mounted before lift-off, as the Californian Carson came on stage more than a trifle late.

He apologised, and explained that he “went to a place down the road called the Royal something else, not the Geographical Society at all”. Carson got ready to deliver his oration, then noticed his audience was “older and a lot better dressed” than his usual fan club. He hurriedly departed and found the right venue.

British Design and Art Direction, which was organising the event, fervently denied this slip-up. “He was late as he wasn’t ready,” said a spokeswoman, who later admitted Carson’s error and revealed that “the Royal something else” was actually the Royal Albert Hall.

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