Design Bridge sweetens Bassett’s

Cadbury’s Bertie Bassett icon has been redesigned as part of the Bassett brand’s first international revamp in 20 years. It launches in The Netherlands in mid April and the UK in May, says a Bassett spokeswoman in Amsterdam.

The first packs to feature the new Bertie and redesigned Bassett brand include Liquorice Allsorts, Traditional and Sour Wine Gums, Baby Bears and a new product, ‘Sweet and Salt’ black liquorice .

The Dutch office of Design Bridge is responsible for the new design and account director Steve Andrews says the brief was to make Bertie more contemporary and accessible within markets that vary in their degree of consumer familiarity with the brand.

Three different pack architectures have been developed. On Liquorice Allsorts Bertie plays a central role, on adult sweets such as Traditional Winegums the sweets play a more important part and a ‘SuperBertie’ has been created for the Baby Bears audience.

Bertie Bassett was first introduced in 1929 and his illustrative style remained consistent until the most recent redesign in 1982.

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