Fishburn Hedges starts work on university logo

Fishburn Hedges will begin interviews with stakeholders at the University of North London and London Guildhall University after Easter, following its appointment to create an identity for the soon-to-be merged universities.

The consultancy, which will command a five-figure fee for the work, will create an identity and apply it to stationery, signage, prospectus, website, advertising and merchandising.

The identity will launch when the merger of the two universities takes place on 1 August. The merger will create the largest university in London with almost 30 000 full-time students and a combined annual revenue of more than £110m. A new name for the university has yet to be finalised.

The consultancy will interview students, staff and potential students before beginning to work with focus groups. A full list of stakeholders has yet to be established, says Fishburn Hedges associate director Martin Brown.

‘One of the challenges will be to create an identity that will work across such a wide range of communications,’ says Brown.

The consultancy, which was appointed two weeks ago, won the work following a three-way paid creative pitch. The universities put together an initial longlist of 19 consultancies.

It is likely that signage design, which will be split across existing sites in the City of London, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Holloway and Highbury, will be handled in-house (DW 20 December 2001).

The Workroom rebranded London Guildhall University when it switched from City of London Polytechnic in 1992 (DW 24 May 2001).

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