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Given that these days everything is a brand, what image best sums up the Easter brand to you and why?

‘Queues outside Thorntons and a frozen Interflora website all point to that Sunday in the year no one knows the exact date of. When you see Cadbury’s Creme Eggs in the shops on Boxing Day, you know Easter is on the way.’

Gary Cooke, Creative director, The Open Agency

‘My immediate image of Easter are those irresistible foil wrapped Cadbury’s Cream eggs. Easter as a brand must have significance to the actual event that took place, often lost in the plethora of commercial crap. Therefore the Easter icon is the hot cross bun.’

Glenn Tutssel, Executive creative director, Tutssels Enterprise IG

‘The original sentiments of Easter have been diluted, convoluted and commercialised. It has lost it’s way and needs reinvention. This could manifest itself by redefining the semiotics of the Easter egg. It could stand for life, introspection, universality, absolution. Eggxistence.’

Robbie Laughton, Creative director, Wolff Olins

‘There are three obvious icons: the cross, the Easter egg, and the Easter bunny. But if you have to choose just one, it has to be the egg. It is a symbol that stretches from the religious connotations of re-birth, to the commercial realities of Cadbury’s Cream Egg, and children smiling.’

Giles Lury, Head of brand consultancy, Springpoint

‘The essence of the Easter brand is resurrection, summed up by the image of the empty tomb and stone rolled away. An image usually overwhelmed by that of the Easter egg, which is believed to echo and celebrate the rolling stone, but now largely unconnected.’

Dorothy Mackenzie, Director, Dragon Brand Consulting

‘Like Christmas, the real meaning of Easter gets diluted by the commercial opportunity. How about a Cadbury’s chocolate crucifix?’

Bruce Duckworth, Managing director, Turner Duckworth

‘Thankfully not everything’s a brand, but if Easter were a brand it’s a very old one. Easter’s about fertility celebrations, religious festivals, bonnets, boiled eggs and rolling things down hills. Now it’s also our chocolate season. When you boil it all down it’s actually all about sex.’

Janice Kirkpatrick, Director, Graven Images

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