Wallsgrove is outraged by the slight on his reputation

Regarding the picture in the Diary section of Design Week (DW 14 March) – and not wanting to become involved in a Jason Donovan-type reputation versus publication skirmish – let me explain.

You read too much into a picture. Andy Scott and I, as passionate Gunners, were merely discussing how 20/20 had destroyed the Arsenal identity.

The new design has abandoned the fabulous tradition of London’s finest and most successful club. The gun appears to have been turned right for changes sake and all emblematic detail removed to produce a streamlined, but anonymous badge. It is a shame that this bland identity will grace their wonderful new stadium.

As for the intimate hug caught by your paparazzi photographer – that was merely a re-enactment of Thierry Henry’s embrace of Dennis Bergkamp after yet another wonderful Gunners goal.

Bill Wallsgrove

Creative director

Big Idea

London SE1

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