Milan Furniture Fair 2016 – what are you looking forward to?

As this year’s Milan Furniture Fair approaches, designers tell us what they’ll be looking out for.

Luke Pearson, founding director, PearsonLloyd
Luke Pearson, founding director, PearsonLloyd

“In the 25 years since my first trip to the Milan Furniture Fair, the event has morphed from having a centre that was pulled by the old guard design houses to what it is now, which is more like a pop-up of young cast of misfit designers – the anti-establishment. I think that’s what makes the event more interesting and dynamic – this anticipation that the discovery I’m searching for is right around the corner, in the pockets of vibrant creativity scattered throughout the city.

The frenetic energy of the Fair now is what makes me feel like if I stop searching, if I stop walking or looking, if I return home, I might just miss unearthing the one unexpected thing – that I just might miss it all. It’s what compels me to come back every year, this drive to search and discover and want to do it all over again. But I guess that’s the point – discovering the unexpected.”

Christopher Jenner, designer

“I’m most looking forward to the exhibition Nina Yashar is curating at the Nilufar Gallery.
We are presenting our ‘Nest Tables’ as part of an exhibition at the Nilufar Depot and I’m intrigued to see how the contemporary pieces sit alongside the iconic Mid-century Italian furniture for which she is so renowned.

I’ll also be looking out for more traditional crafts and brands who are re-defining their techniques through the use of technology.”

Christopher Turner, deputy director, London Design Festival

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the Triennale International Exhibition (2 April – 12 September), which takes place in several locations across the city, with the theme Design after Design. Back after a 20-year hiatus, it will examine the importance of making in the 21st century, and is sure to be an embarrassment of riches. V&A Dundee are representing the UK at the event, and the Triennale Museum are to curate the Italian entry at the London Design Biennale.

The Salone is totally overwhelming, and it’s hard to cram everything in. My top tips are, rent a bike or moped, which is the speediest way to cover ground, and refresh your palette with treats unrelated to contemporary design: a visit to Villa Necchi, the1930s mansion where I Am Love was filmed, up on to the roof of the Duomo, with its view of the Alps, or to see Leonardo’s Last Supper.”

This year’s Milan Furniture Fair runs from 12-17 April. For more information visit

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