Addison boosts Gazprom profile

Addison is repositioning Russia’s biggest and richest company, oil and gas business Gazprom, through its literature output.

Gazprom owns 43.7 per cent of the world’s gas reserves.

The London group was appointed to the job after its sister company Hill & Knowlton won the PR contract, according to Addison client partner Quentin Anderson.

“It wanted a new global identity,” says Anderson. The corporate identity is a given, because Gazprom is “wedded to its [existing] identity”, so the changes will take place through the redesign of literature, he adds.

This year’s annual report, published next week, is the first Gazprom’s internal advertising department has not designed. It has the “structure, content and design of a global annual report”, says Anderson.

Hill & Knowlton and Addison are also working on the company’s website.

Meanwhile, a new creative director will be joining the consultancy in October. The new recruit will be named next week, after he has told his clients, says Anderson.

He will join Peter Chodel as a second creative director.

Three other creative heads, Mike Turner, Jonathan Ellery and Graham Taylor, left the consultancy to form Browns, following Addison’s merger with Sampson Tyrrell Corporate Marketing (DW 6 March).

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