Charities must be told the value of design

Your comment in Design Week (DW 15 May) on the Design Business Association’s Design for Good initiative reflected the confusion many of us are feeling about its purpose. But, I have a more fundamental concern as managing partner of a design company which produces around half of its work for charitable and voluntary organisations.

The design industry (and the DBA in particular) has worked hard for many years to promote the view that design is an investment. Charities are no different from commercial organisations in that design can make a real difference to their income and they should be viewing good design as a powerful tool in their armoury.

Encouraging designers to work for uncommercial rates undermines the work that groups such as ours are doing to encourage charitable organisations to value design. Surely our champions should be be arguing design’s cause equally for all types of organisation?

Charlotte Desorgher

Managing partner

The Grand Design

Croydon CRO 6DP

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