Liam’s f**kerning happy with Pretty Green logo

As much as I like the Pretty Green identity for the fashion label from Manchester’s very own cantankerous front man, Liam Gallagher, I’m sure the designers who created it were pleased to make the 30 or 40 tweaks to what is essentially a one-colour logo design (News, DW 14 May). I can just imagine the calls between designer and client – ‘Yeah man, what I’m saying is kern that fucking ‘e’ in a bit, our kid!’

I’m kind of happy that I actually have to deal with marketing managers now, and not lead singers from 1990s Britpop bands.

I wonder how Gallagher reacted to receiving the invoice with an extra few grand for extensive amends. Then again, for a multimillionaire, he probably didn’t complain at all.

Dave Sedgwick, Senior designer, 999 Design, by e-mail


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