Blumedia transmits logo for technology start-up

Technology start-up Quintel has begun transmitting its ‘shared site’ mobile phone masts to both UK and overseas markets, with an identity and website designed for around £60 000 by Blumedia.

The company, a joint venture between property group Rotch and part-privatised Ministry of Defence research agency Qinetiq, sells ‘five into one’ antennae that allow up to five operators to use one mast.

The issue of mobile phone masts is a controversial one. Only last week, T-Mobile gave a forthright warning that service quality would deteriorate without more masts being built. But campaigners from the pressure group Powerwatch worry about possible public health risks and advocate curbs on further construction.

Blumedia has created an identity that reflects Quintel’s ‘environmentally friendly credentials’, says John Parnell, the consultancy’s head of strategy and development.

‘The logo echoes elements of Quintel’s pedigree [namely, Qinetiq] and a rainbow of five transmission waves highlights its core business,’ he adds.

The creative work, overseen by Blumedia head of design Andy Bennett, is based on the positioning ‘less is more’, which also serves as a strapline.

‘It turns the potential negative that there’s too much of everything in the mobile phone industry into a positive, while implying something about the company rationale,’ says Parnell.

Blumedia was appointed after a three-way creative pitch in January. As Quintel’s requirements develop, the consultancy hopes to generate ‘media-neutral’ solutions.

Quintel sees a large market for its services. It is already the approved installer to the Church of England and chief executive Graeme Ferrero says the technology has a worldwide application.

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