Dyson patents smart toothbrush with inbuilt water jet

If developed, the toothbrush could clean teeth by firing a burst of “fluid” in-between them.

Dyson could be looking to develop an electric toothbrush which would clean users’ teeth using a jet of water, according to a US patent lodged by the tech company.

The patent details a “dental cleaning appliance” comprising a handle and a “fluid delivery system”.

“Moveable fluid conduit”

The fluid delivery system features a nozzle and a “moveable fluid conduit”, which would work by firing a series of bursts of fluid against the user’s teeth to remove dental debris and treat the surface of the teeth.

This fluid could take the form of normal toothpaste, or a fluid for “improved interproximal cleaning”, according to the patent.

Bendable nozzle

The toothbrush nozzle – which may be configured to be bendable – would preferably be made from a resilient material, such as rubber or an elastomeric material. The toothbrush’s bristles would then be arranged around the nozzle.

The toothbrush would also comprise some kind of sensor component – possibly a light sensor or a camera – which would detect where the handle is in relation to the teeth in order to fire water into the gaps between them.

Dyson has declined to comment about whether the toothbrush will go into production.

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  • AB November 30, 2016 at 10:10 am

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