Barclays endorsement by Loewy

Barclays is launching a new e-commerce product called Endorse on Tuesday, with an identity by Raymond Loewy International.

Endorse is the electronic equivalent of a legally binding, hand-written signature. The identity is based on a highly stylised thumb print, according to a Loewy spokeswoman. It was designed to convey identification, verification, accessible expertise, stature, progressiveness, reliability, security and trust.

The identity had to have high impact at 1-2cm size for screen and Internet use, and had to work with PCs with a small memory.

The rebranding of the main Barclays brand is being carried out by Interbrand Newell and Sorrell.

Loewy has appointed Simon Veale to the new position of director of business development.

He was previously managing director at Jones Hedley Scott design consultancy.

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