Booker takes delivery of 3663 identity by Dragon

Booker Foodservice, the UK’s market leading food distribution business, is rebranding under the name 3663, following its acquisition by the Bidvest Corporation in May of this year.

The name and identity have both been created by Dragon. The new name, pronounced “three double six three”, is inspired by the word food; if spelt out on a digital phone pad it requires the pressing of the digits 3663.

The name will be introduced on 1 November. It will be applied to Booker’s vehicle fleet and depots, plus literature and advertising.

“It’s a striking name, chosen to represent a progressive company…it gives us the perfect opportunity to launch precisely the foodservice distribution service the industry has been crying out for,” says Booker chief executive Fred Barnes.

Dragon director Ian Farnfield says, “In the current competitive marketplace, finding a new and distinctive name, that is registrable as a trademark, is a difficult brief.”

Booker has been planning a rapid rollout of the identity, ordering unliveried trucks to allow faster application to vehicles.

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