Suburb records 21 Music identity

Suburb has created the graphic identity for London recording company 21 Music.

The design group is also branding the organisation’s recently launched recording studio, called Twentyone Studio (pictured). It was specifically built for producer Jeremy Wheatley, who has worked with pop stars such as Kylie Minogue and Duran Duran.

The marque is an abstract take on the roman numerals XXI and will feature across all printed materials distributed by the company, including inlays and record labels. The identity will also be stamped upon any future subsidiaries that are launched by 21 Music.

‘Although the focus of the project was to create an identity for the studio, we took the approach of creating an identity for the 21 Music umbrella, so that any future subsidiaries could inherit the same marque and visual style,’ explains Simon Cole, creative director at Suburb.

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