28 September 2006

JHP designs first retail store for Twisted

JHP has designed the first retail store from youth jeans brand Twisted, opening in Dubai next month. Twisted parent company Saha Group plans to expand across the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Australia.

Winners of the inaugural Y Design Awards…

Winners of the inaugural Y Design Awards for creativity in digital technology include Rufus Leonard for Best Use of Flash for its work on Their Past Your Future for the Imperial War Museum, and Best Video for Mook, for its work for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Gangs of London.

Royalties may be the answer

Relax, share the risk with your client and don’t be afraid to offer alternative business models to maintain the focus on the design itself, says Julian Sanders Amid the wealth of choice that exists in the design industry, now is the time to be offering new business models to clients. A royalty agreement can expel […]

Organic concerns forget benefits of Green packaging

How ironic that the feature on organic food packaging (DW 31 August) made no reference to the Green issues discussed by Steven Johnson in the same issue. Consumers of organic food are usually acutely aware of the environmental impact of excess and non-recyclable packaging, so the benefits could well be commercial as well as environmental. […]

News in Pictures

The London Transport Museum is auctioning a limited number of linocut prints designed by Paul Catherall, along with other Underground memorabilia. Catherall’s prints will also be available as posters from November and will appear on the London Underground network in December. Rawfish Design Consultants has designed the interiors for Earle, celebrity chef Simon Rimmer’s latest […]

Computers kill creativity – bring back the pencil!

Howard Milton’s incisive views on the lack of craft skills in graphic design (Private View, DW 31 August) will find particular resonance with many experienced designers. Increasingly hijacked by a grim miasma of bureaucratic research and overanalysis of near-Orwellian proportions, it is no surprise that bland and castrated ‘solutions’ abound, where the designer’s role has […]

Sensuous settings

The Armani/Casa store, located on London’s New Bond Street, is Giorgio Armani’s first home furnishings flagship to launch in the UK. With its open-plan layout and mocked up living areas, the store is designed to feel like the perfect home environment, so why did I feel so out of place? Perhaps it was the throngs […]

LBI to relaunch Design Council website

The Design Council has confirmed it will relaunch its website in December with an overhauled design by LBI, formally known as Framfab. The digital consultancy is rebranding following a merger between Wheel, LB Icon and Framfab.

DBA to launch professional services providers database

The Design Business Association is to launch the industry’s first accredited list of professional services providers, it was announced this week, with specialists chosen for their design industry expertise. Called the Experts Register, the database will be available on-line from December and will launch with a minimum of 20 consultants. All will be accredited by […]

Johnson Banks gives BFI’s identity an alternative take

The British Film Institute will launch its complete set of revised brand guidelines, created by Johnson Banks, this autumn. The guidelines will support the full roll-out of the new-look BFI identity, as it is applied across the organisation and its long-a

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