Differentiate yourself

The very best of luck to Traci Rochester, confronted with starting up a design company and not having any clients (Letters, DW 21 September).

It may or may not be a comfort to know that as a start-up, fledgling or established design company, winning and retaining new business is equally competitive. You face new challenges and different competition at each level in each respective market.

To have self-appointed designers, Web technicians and printers competing with you sounds as if you haven’t yet clarified your positioning or proposition. Do this and you may find you do not necessarily have to shout to be heard among the masses. After all, your clients might hear you, but are they listening to you? A well-researched, clearly thought- out marketing plan should help you establish and articulate your differentiation. Understand the importance of these points and the needs of your target markets and then you can concentrate on the message.

Trevor Flannery, Sales and marketing director, Stocks Taylor Benson, Leicester LE19 4XT

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