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The London Transport Museum is auctioning a limited number of linocut prints designed by Paul Catherall, along with other Underground memorabilia. Catherall’s prints will also be available as posters from November and will appear on the London Underground network in December.

Rawfish Design Consultants has designed the interiors for Earle, celebrity chef Simon Rimmer’s latest restaurant, which will open next month in Hale, Manchester.

Brighton-based Red Design has created album and single covers for Xpress2’s latest release, available in the UK from 25 September. The work features handmade fake animal heads by American Merikay Mackenna and a modified Avant Garde typeface.

Glass packaging company Rockware Glass has designed a limited edition marmalade pot for F Duerrs and Sons to mark the company’s 125th anniversary.

Frankie & Johnny has designed the print campaign and website,, for the film Brothers of the Head, directed by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe, which is released in Britain on 6 October.

Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost chair is given a makeover by designer Lionel T Dean in an exhibition called Perimeters, Boundaries and Borders, which runs until 21 October at CityLab in Lancaster. The exhibition focuses on the digital generation of one-off products and sees Dean fit the Ghost chair with alternative backs and arms.

Boffi this week launches an updated version of its mini kitchen, originally designed by Joe Columbo in 1966. The redesign, which features new hinge mechanisms and materials, is a tribute to the designer who died in 1971.

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