Private jet owners always know best, til they meet designers

Following on from some observations in the Cabin Fever feature (DW 14 September), there is an additional challenge that meets us when developing aircraft interiors for VIP customers.

We often need to persuade clients – who are generally not accustomed to having their demands at all challenged – that the specific feature they have requested is not achievable within the constraints of the aircraft. To do so we need to sell them a ‘better’ solution, which is also certifiable.

This problem is more evident when a customer is upgrading to a newer private jet that often has tighter certification requirements than their old aircraft. For example, a previous B727 had doors, where the new BBJ has an open-plan cabin with curtains.

The VIP aircraft sector is an enjoyable and challenging environment to work in when designing and creating interiors, especially because of the flexibility and direct liaison with the final user.

Mike Sutton, Industrial Design, MacCarthy Interiors, Surrey RH1 5JQ

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