New D&AD President Andy Sandoz heralds “golden age” for creativity and tech

As he begins his new role Sandoz calls upon designers to further embrace technology to help effect change and tackle global problems.

L-R: Nicky Bullard, Caitlin Ryan, Andy Sandoz, Bruce Duckworth, Hamish Gardner

New D&AD President Andy Sandoz begins his tenure as D&AD President today and has set out a manifesto focusing on how we can use creativity and technology to “save ourselves” and tackle global problems over the next twenty years.

Sandoz will remain at the helm for the next year. His deputy and president in waiting has been named as Bruce Duckworth, co-founder of branding consultancy Turner Duckworth.

“The golden age”

Sandoz, who is creative partner at digital ad agency Havas Work Club, says: “The next 20 years will be a golden age, in which we envision, design and deliver a new world.”

For him this means using design to “find new ways to live on earth” and to live more harmoniously with one another using technology as the enabler.

Humans are already “sophisticated problem solving machines” to Sandoz who wants to remind people that “rather than fighting against machines as we see in the movies we actually have technology on our side.”

Science and technology should force us to experiment

Science and technology force people to experiment and make people think about what is possible and ask themselves, “Can this work?” he adds.

Sandoz is also keen to reinforce the link between D&AD’s status as a not-for-profit organisation and its work in encouraging as well as recognising innovation but there seems to be a particular emphasis on corporate and collective responsibility.

More pencils expected

“We create catalysts such as the White Pencil, awarding work for good, to encourage answers our industry and our world needs to see. We ask brands to take the responsible seat at the table. ”

The handing out of a greater number of pencils is forecast as well – “Not because our benchmark of quality is getting lower, but because thanks to technology we are about to get better.”

Bruce Duckworth will succeed Sandoz this time next year and he will sit on the D&AD board with three new trustees: LIDA creative director Nicky Bullard; New Blood Trustee Hamish Gardener; and Caitlyn Ryan and former group executive creative director of Karmarama.

Andy Sandoz
Left, chairman Dick Powell, with right, Andy Sandoz

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