CSD should take a wider view

While applauding any new initiative from the Chartered Society of Designers (News, DW 16 April), I am saddened by the response of Cassie Hershel-Shorland who seeks yet another “division” in the design sector.

The CSD particularly represents individual practitioners and we all hope it will continue to provide a base for designers of all disciplines to work from.

If enough practitioners in a discipline participate in the CSD, it will be able to help develop specific needs, but the idea of a proactive unseen group for the society will not bear fruit until designers practising in this field make the money.

Museum design is a wonderful catch all for design disciplines. Our efforts in the Royal Society of Arts to challenge student designers with museum projects often results in joint projects.

I am fed up with designers limiting their expertise and hope that a body that can represent all will encourage the fertile brains of graphic, interior, exhibition and product designers, not to mention theatre, textile and design managers to co-operate on all kinds of projects.

Could we concentrate in raising creative standards, perhaps under a CSD banner? Let’s stop this curious new need for tiny introspective labels.

David Pocknell

Pocknell Studio

Essex CM7 4DH

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