Servicepoint takes Arthesia West solution

SERVICEPOINT UK, a solutions provider for businesses, is to open a 24-hour flagship “Megaservice store” in central London later this year. The store will be linked electronically to sister stores worldwide.

The centre will feature travel and communications services, and will contain spaces which can be rented for special events.

Under the jurisdiction of design group Arthesia West, the 1860m2 site in the West End will be a “centre of creativity with spacious and calming office areas”, according to Arthesia operations director Owen Snee, who is organising Servicepoint’s rebranding campaign.

“It will be a centre in which you can aspire to do anything”, says Snee. The format “will include facilities for digital processing and black and white printing, as well as Internet and Mac usage and training. Food and drink will be available in addition to exhibition and promotional space”.

Servicepoint marketing manager and head of group design Mike Barton-Harvey says: “It will be an ambassadorial building and a statement in essential service. It will also have a worldwide theme.”

With the advantage of easily changing the make-up of the modular interior, Snee expects the centre to be used for major commercial activities.

“It will be a two-level store in a good West End location providing an excellent venue for book and record launches, as well as Servicepoint’s in-house promotions,” he says.

In accordance with its “Megaservice” label, the store will also include a mobile phone shop and a travel agent. “It will be a communications store as well as having retail benefits, so people can book travel on the international circuit,” says Snee.

“There will also be a 25 per cent increase in mobile phone users over the next five years, so Servicepoint will benefit in this area.”

Currently owner of 72 branches nationwide, Servicepoint, which was founded three years ago, aims to double the number of its branches within two years.

“We will be opening at least another 60 shops, as well as Megaservice centres in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Glasgow, Oxford and Cambridge,” says Barton-Harvey.

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