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Press reports suggest that Bird’s Eye’s rebranding programme by Carter Wong Tomlin is part of a bid to reposition the brand towards being a healthy eating option. Can a big brand radically change consumer perceptions through design?

‘Design has always been used to radically change consumer perceptions. However, it can take years or indeed decades for perceptions to change. Many big brand owners invest too little too late. On the contrary, the new brand design for Bird’s Eye achieves a lot more than just enhancing healthy eating credentials, it’s an intelligent piece of work.’

Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Managing director, Wren & Rowe

‘Trying to change a brand perception purely through design communication is a truly difficult task – it is equally how the brand behaves that changes perception – just look at Shell. Changing a product brand through design imagery is a more direct task. Although I was never a big fan, the radical redesign of Tango and its parallel anarchic communication truly repositioned a simple me-too fizzy drink.’

Bill Wallsgrove, Creative director, Big Idea

‘Design alone can’t fundamentally change consumer perceptions, certainly not in a meaningful way with any longevity, and especially not if the product or service can’t live up to it. What design can do is enhance and promote certain qualities or values inherent in a brand. Design is key in delivering the brand message, and should encourage and inspire the consumer.’

Samantha Dumont, Creative partner, Dragon

‘Definitely. But the essential question is, how? Brands have to keep an eye on the future, a finger on the pulse of changing needs and they have to successfully translate this into desirable products – design in the true sense. Sadly, as long as the first question keeps being asked our industry undervalues itself.’

Jonathan Ford, Creative partner, Pearlfisher

‘I certainly hope so. As long as it is backed-up with clear thinking, appropriate positioning and genuine delivery of all those brand promises, good design can definitely change consumer perceptions. Radically? Yes, I think it can. Take Skoda for example… It has managed the pretty much unthinkable.’

Nick Ramshaw, Chief executive, Elmwood Scotland

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