29 April 2010

Photo credit: Harriet Devoy

Let them eat cheese

The notion of poor students eking out an existence and living on baked beans was dispelled last night by Nick Leon, director of the collaborative educator Design London – a joint venture between the Royal College of Art and neighbouring Imperial College. Design London MA students are, it seems, treated reasonably regularly to an evening […]

Simon Bostock, 1986

Comic custodians

Self-published books, magazines and fanzines have to put up with a measure of derogation. Whether A5 and photocopied or informally stapled together, they are often seen as throw-away items, barely worth the paper they’re printed on. But illustrator Craig John Barr and designer Matthew Walkerdine (both also self-publishing artists) have other ideas. ’Self-publishing needs to […]

Timorous Beasties

Pixel power

Digital printing is rapidly coming of age, offering great flexibility and detail – as well as colour reproduction that is vivid enough even for fine art books. Anna Richardson talks to designer-makers who are using these processes to maximum effect

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Playing Romeo

Sales of Alfa Romeo cars are being dramatically outpaced by its rivals and parent company Fiat has hinted at permanently parking the brand. With its latest Giulietta model due to be unleashed, John Stones considers if design has a role to play in reconnecting Alfa with its public

Thibaud Herem

Profile: Thibaud Herem

French-born illustrator Thibaud Herem draws insects, birds and buildings, and has just completed a book on rodents. Clare Dowdy meets up with a multi-talented creative who initiates his own projects and prefers to stay independent

Los Angeles of the 1950s is the golden era I’d go for

Regarding your Voxpop on inspiring eras (DW 22 April), there are so many to choose from. I’d pick the early 20th century in the UK, because of the excitement of industrial and medical advances and the ability to still travel to relatively untouched areas of the world (if you had some money and loads of […]

Supplement artwork revives ancient tradition of error

In William Caxton’s day, text was often reversed by illiterate printers who knew no better. I am pleased to see that this noble tradition has been revived on the cover of the Design Week Photography & Image supplement (look at the camera in the bottom left corner). NB – The Yashica Mat 124G was a […]

The next Government must support SMEs

Kate Sanderson, client services director at Bell Design, says the consultancy is part of a consortium applying to become the Department for Children, Schools and Families’ integrated service provider (News, DW 15 April). She’s certainly plucky: according to the Design Week 2009 Top 100, Bell Design has an annual turnover of £2m and this contract […]

Inspired: James Hurst – Higginson Hurst

The thrill of living and working in a really big city: London. I really love it. The force of my love is tapered only by a love of leaving. With an inventory built around a notebook and a few pens, I’ve spent the past five years visiting Cornwall each year with family and friends (the […]

Best of the Web

http://tinyurl.com/zbpxr5 The New Scientist launched a competition last year in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Senseable City Lab. Ten UK readers won a chance to find out what happens to their trash – by tagging objects. The findings give a good idea of where the country’s rubbish goes when it is being disposed […]

Bazaar tactics

Now that prices can be checked online in a tick, how can stores avoid ending up as mere showrooms for Internet sales? Matthew Valentine rejoices in the return of haggling

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