Inspired: James Hurst – Higginson Hurst

The thrill of living and working in a really big city: London. I really love it.

The force of my love is tapered only by a love of leaving. With an inventory built around a notebook and a few pens, I’ve spent the past five years visiting Cornwall each year with family and friends (the house pictured is the old lifeboat house around the bay in Padstow).

The movement to the coast by bike, plane (ash allowing), train or automobile brings – after some panic about what wasn’t done – calm and focus. I don’t think I plan to sit and generate ideas – I am on holiday after all. I don’t think I’d enjoy whatever it is, if I tried to do it. I often just find myself (or am found) happily scribbling. It might be many months or years before I realise I’m feeding off marks made in a summery daze. I’ve spent a lot of time scribbling and have (I am still young) achieved a fraction of what needs to be done.

The plans that have already born fruit are, a pass-the-pen illustration project and a soon to be announced design challenge to redesign my burgeoning collection of spam delivered by fax. The groups, both Higginson Hurst and Cure Studio, while a little more pre-meditated and planned, have hopefully benefited enormously from time spent cogitating (not so) aimlessly.

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