Four shortlisted for Stonehenge

Four consultancies have been shortlisted by English Heritage to design, build, finance and operate the new Stonehenge Millennium Park. A final shortlist of two will be drawn up in November.

The four bidders are: The Tussauds Group; Heritage Projects; The York Consortium; and Imagination.

“We would bring in people if they had the appropriate [design] skills, depending on how the project develops,” says Dominic Tweddle, development director of The York Consortium, which is working with architect Donald Insall & Associates on its proposal.

York company Past Forward, which is leading The York Consortium, has many of the relevant design skills in-house, says Tweddle.

Event Communications is part of Heritage Projects’ consortium and will mastermind the visual interpretation for the centre, says consortium marketing director Juliana Delaney. It is too early to think about graphics, she adds.

The Tussauds Group, which has in-house creative resources, declines to reveal any design details.

Imagination is handling the design aspects of its bid while Ove Arup & Partners is responsible for development aspects.

The Millenium Commission will assess the application for grant aid early next year.

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