Rentokil calls in ADC to handle guidelines

Associated Design Consultants is to develop new worldwide identity guidelines for Rentokil Initial, now the world’s largest business services group.

Rentokil, an ADC client for ten years, took over its rival BET in May for 2.3bn. Last week

Rentokil’s chief executive Sir Clive Thompson revealed the 6bn group’s new plans.

The group is being renamed Rentokil Initial to incorporate BET’s Initial brand name. Rentokil will be retained as a brand name in its traditionally strong markets such as pest control and other environmental services.

Areas where the Rentokil name has been less appropriate, such as catering and healthcare, are to be rebranded under the Initial name.

Rentokil Initial’s marketing director Charles Grimaldi confirms that ADC will figure heavily in the rebranding but says other design groups will also be involved. He declines to name them at this stage.

ADC managing director Bob Searles says the group’s new name may necessitate an identity review but any changes will be evolutionary.

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