WTS gives Nouvelle a modernised role

Wickens Tutt Southgate has given the Nouvelle toilet and kitchen roll brand a thorough packaging overhaul as part of a new marketing drive by owner Fort Sterling.

Alongside the WTS input, Fort Sterling has upgraded the quality of the environmentally friendly product and brought in advertising agency Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury to reposition the brand next year.

WTS project director Carrie Bailey says Nouvelle has struggled to fulfil its brand potential. Making the product premium in quality but retaining its Green credentials required a new packaging approach.

“We decided to bring the whole idea of ‘recycled’ to the consumer’s door,” says Bailey. “We have called it Forest Friendly and used a British oak tree rather than use the unpopular ‘recycled’ word and images of rainforests.”

Nouvelle’s premium quality is communicated by the use of a deep blue background colour which positions the brand alongside Andrex and Kleenex at the luxury end of the market.

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