Earth Summit exhibits Britain’s Green credentials

The best of British sustainable design is being showcased at the forthcoming Johannesburg Earth Summit in a move to enhance the UK’s Green credentials.

Organised by Trade Partners UK, a joint initiative between the Foreign Office and the Department of Trade and Industry, five British innovations will be exhibited at the summit alongside foreign examples until 4 September.

The Design Council was charged with whittling down the 15 possible British entries to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

‘The focus is on how these products are created sustainably yet remain appealing to consumers,’ says a Design Council spokesman. ‘It shows Britain as a key driver of innovative design.’

Included in the exhibition is a range of stationery and mouse mats which are made from recycled vending cups, tyres and computer printer parts.

Produced by Remarkable, the ‘funky’ design undermines traditional attitudes to recycled stationery, according to managing director Edward Miller.

‘The trend of major retailers seeking out environmental products is a welcome sign that Britain is at long last flagging up sustainable and recycled products to consumers,’ adds Miller.

Other exhibits include wind-up radios from Freeplay, polyurethane recyclable lamps by Eurolounge and handbags created from punctured innertubes made by the aptly named Innertube.

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