Fishburn Hedges constructs RMC communication

Fishburn Hedges has been appointed by building materials giant RMC Group to harmonise its corporate literature and business website.

The appointment, following a June pitch involving six other consultancies, has been prompted by concerns within RMC that it is failing to present a consistent corporate message across its far-flung international businesses.

Although details are yet to be finalised, RMC is eager to standardise the colour, messages, tone and overall look of its communication portfolio, according to RMC’s communication services manager Clive Barton. He says the company’s current literature is ‘unstructured’, but the programme of change will be gradual.

‘Until now there has been no overarching strategy towards corporate communication and therefore it is difficult to see any consistency in our messages,’ according to Barton.

Initially, the overhaul will focus on preparing next year’s annual report, before extending to all types of communication, ranging from marketing materials to the company’s information website,

According to Fishburn Hedges chairman Chris North, ‘RMC is looking to produce a visual style that will unify the company around the world, while making the most of its very strong logo and corporate identity.’

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