Flicking signs at passing motorists gets attention

Here’s a modern connundrum: A flash git in a convertible pulls up next to you at the lights, revving and generally egging you on. The natural instinct is to wind down the window and tell him to feck off, but the prospective mother-in-law is ensconced in the backseat. How do you save face without offending she who must be obeyed?

A-Plus Design has come up with an answer: an emergency car communication kit, boasting stick-on window cards with every type of motoring invective you’ll ever need. Sample: ‘loser’ and ‘poseur’ with suitably capitalised Ls and Ps.

But there’s also room on the dashboard for lurve – ‘You are the rainbow in the oil puddle of life’ – and auto-erotica – ‘I’m only staring at you because I can see my reflection in your glasses’.

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