Gamestation store brand enters the Nxdimension

Gamestation is to rebrand its entire 58-store estate, with designs by Nxdimension, in a move to give the electronic video and computer games retailer a mass-market appeal.

Gamestation’s York headquarters, along with all corporate literature, signage, marketing materials and advertising, will also be rebranded to reflect the retailer’s new direction.

Incumbent agency Nxdimension won the £50 000 brief in April, following a creative pitch against Attik. The project is being managed by new business director Simon Ryan and creative director Andy Driver. It is expected to complete within six months, according to Gamestation managing director Stephen Hall.

‘Gamestation is now a national retailer and needs a modern look to reflect that. The existing identity does not say who we are today or what we offer,’ says Hall.

The tight timetable imposed by Gamestation left Nxdimension with just five weeks to create and implement an identity that would lure the mass market without alienating seasoned gamers, says Ryan.

‘Traditionally, Gamestation has been perceived as a specialist outfit for hardened gamers, which often intimidated novices,’ he says.

‘The objective now is to give ordinary shoppers the same level of confidence they’d have when visiting HMV or Woolworths. The dark interiors, which looked almost like second-hand shops, are being made bright and accessible.’

The new look is intended to take consumers on a journey through the history of gaming. A new logo features a G symbol modelled on Microsoft’s X-box console.

Following an eight-week trial at Gamestation’s Chester store, the phased revamp will be rolled out region by region to the retailer’s 57 other UK stores.

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