Soft Moss to repackage and extend Reiss range

Reiss launches revamped packaging from next month designed by Soft Moss, as part of the fashion retailer’s move to broaden into a lifestyle brand.

The consultancy is updating the entire packaging range, including designs for two product lines, which launch this autumn; bath and body and vintage jewellery. Soft Moss will also revamp the retailer’s website and is working on marketing material for its account card.

Reiss, which has until now tended to focus on developing its core fashion range, is looking at ‘all other elements’, including product launches, retail interiors and packaging, says Reiss creative director Lionel Copley.

‘Now that mensand womenswear are doing well we are looking to establish the Reiss identity as a lifestyle brand with the launch of a broader range [of products] like books and jewellery. Packaging obviously follows on from that,’ says Copley.

In the past Reiss packaging has developed on an ad hoc basis and the consultancy has been briefed to deliver a more consistent look, says Soft Moss creative director Mark Brown. The identity will not change, but is likely to be refreshed at a later date, he adds.

‘A key factor of [the new packaging] is looking at different textures and taking a very tactile approach. Texture softens the boldness of the logo and it’s a fashion brand so texture is important in that respect too,’ Brown explains.

The work will roll out from September, with a final tranche appearing in stores shortly before Christmas.

Soft Moss was appointed in July and did not pitch for the business. The consultancy was formed in March this year by former Hosker Moore Kent Melia founding partner Kishore Patel and Brown, who was design director at HMKM.

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