Twelve Stars spices up Spanish meat identity

Campofrio, Spain’s largest meat company, is this week relaunching with a new corporate identity and packaging system designed by Twelve Stars Communications in London.

The consultancy has introduced a new branding hierarchy covering Campofrio’s 200 products. As well as being the market leader in Spain, Campofrio sells in the UK, France, south east Asia and South America.

Twelve Stars president Nicolas De Santis says Campofrio’s existing visual identity was “old, tired and inconsistent”. He adds: “The competition has been catching up in terms of quality of products and spending a lot on promotion.”

Research showed that the existing identity was very strongly recognised. The task for Twelve Stars has been to retain this recognition but reposition Campofrio away from being a “meat company” to being a “food and nutrition” brand.

This shift ties in with the introduction of fat-free and very low fat products. Twelve Stars has designed a seal – including the Campofrio logotype and the Latin words “vida sana”, meaning “healthy life” – for inclusion on all packaging.

The existing 35 “families” of products have been rationalised to just five. And the individual names of products have been reorganised, putting the brand first instead of last.

The Campofrio pink, purple and red colours – instantly recognisable to Spaniards – are retained, but a newly added blue now dominates all packaging.

See News Analysis, page 8.

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