Student accomodation brand “talks up” to audience

SomeOne says it has tried to “veer away from brash colours and geometric ‘hip’ branding.”


SomeOne has created the identity for new student accommodation service Hello Student.

Hello Student is a new consumer brand from Empiric Student Accommodation. It aims to provide accommodation and services for student living.

SomeOne says it wanted to create an identity that “veered away from the brash colours and geometric ‘hip’ branding that plagues the sector”.

Talking up to the audience

SomeOne co-founder Simon Manchipp says: “This is an adult brand, for students intent on a more mature approach to learning.”

Manchipp adds: “the new endeavour sets out to talk up to the audience rather than perpetuating the condescending approach taken by so many brands in the student sector.”

The new identity uses seasonal flowers to connect the different parts of the communications.

Local blooms for local activities

SomeOne lead designer Tristan Dunbar says: “Starting with roses, the brand will flex and adapt – using local blooms for local activities.”

The consultancy says print work is being kept to a minimum, with almost every transaction designed so that it can be undertaken online, with a mobile-first strategy.

SomeOne has also developed “size-aware” iconography and bespoke tessellating illustrations that can be used throughout the branding.

The consultancy worked with photographer Simon Warren and writing consultancy Reed Words on the new branding.


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  • Hannah Wardle March 7, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    It’s very…errrrmmm…floral?

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