Bayley ‘not replaced’ at Dome

A spokeswoman for the New Millennium Experience Company denies press reports that Lambie-Nairn creative director Martin Lambie-Nairn has taken over the role of creative director of the Millennium Dome, following the departure of Stephen Bayley.

“He is not a replacement for Stephen Bayley,” she says. Nor are there plans to give him a seat on the board of the NMEC.

Lambie-Nairn has been given a specific brief to develop the Dome’s identity, while ex-creative director Bayley had wider control of content, she adds.

His consultancy, Lambie-Nairn @ The Brand Union, will create an identity to harmonise the Dome’s interiors with smaller millennium events around the country, merchandising and sponsorship for the project.

A 50 000 price tag has been put on the two-year branding project by the New Millennium Experience Company.

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