Brown Inc takes on digital TV job

Cable operator Telewest Communications has appointed The Added Value Group’s Brown Inc, best known for its packaging work, to brand its digital TV service, which launches this year.

The consultancy beat Interbrand Newell and Sorrell in a credentials pitch. Several groups declined to pitch because of existing cable clients.

“Digital is what cable is for – multichannel TV, movies on demand, interactive services and more. In Brown Inc we have found a consultancy to create an exciting, powerful brand to drive our digital TV business,” says Telewest Communications group marketing director Philip Jansen.

The new identity will be launched in the coming months and applied across all aspects of the group’s operations.

Cable operators Cable and Wireless Communications and NTL are set to merge their consumer TV businesses, following NTL’s acquisition of the CWC operation. The merger poses no immediate threat to rostered design groups, according to an NTL spokeswoman.

“Alex Butler [the brand manager] has reassured groups on the roster that it’s business as usual. We don’t want to jeopardise our digital service launch,” she says.

What is not certain is whether a mooted three-way merger with Telewest may jeopardise consultancy appointments.

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