DTI to spot suspect packages

The Government’s white paper on consumer welfare, published last week, could potentially change regulations surrounding packaging and labelling of consumer products.

Although the Department of Trade and Industry document does not specify exactly how the measures will be introduced, it calls for changes to sizing, labelling and pricing regulations on products purchased in-store.

Section 3.10 of the paper says: “The Government will amend the rules on price marking, by March 2000, so that goods offered for sale within a shop will have an easily identifiable price without the consumer having to ask for it.”

Section 3.11 says packaging should: “Enable consumers to compare easily and accurately the prices of products in different types and sizes of container.”

The measures may involve shop display signage rather than the labelling of individual products.

Misleading packaging sizes, consumer warnings and usage guidelines will also be targeted.

The paper is reproduced on the Government website at: http://www.dti.gov.uk/consumer/whitepaper/

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