Enterprise IG builds a new identity for Tarmac

Construction and building materials group Tarmac has introduced a new identity, created by Enterprise IG, to reflect its official demerger into two companies.

The heavy building materials division of the group will retain its original name, but from tomorrow the construction division will be known as Carillion. The name is intended to reflect a change in the company’s strategy, which will see it focus on more complicated project management work.

As only one of the demerged companies could keep the Tarmac name, it was thought more appropriate for it to stay with the heavy materials business. This capitalises on the fact that Tarmac is also a widely used generic term for the “black, sticky stuff”, says Enterprise associate director Jane Wyckham.

The Carillion identity will attempt to distance the group from historical perceptions of the building industry, and reflect that the company will be involved with design and build programmes. “The word is derived from the name for a group of harmonious bells rung together in concert – which is how they work with each other, their customers and partners,” says Wyckham.

She describes the new Carillion identity as a purposeful break from images that characterise the rest of the construction industry. “Although Carillion is a new name it sounds established, authoritative and, most importantly, it is very appropriate.”

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