Uncoated paper is not the answer for every job

I just heard a scream! What the heck is Chris Whalley talking about (Letters, DW 23 July)?

Uncoated stocks are great for single page documents or even posters. Try to print a 36-page brochure on uncoated stock and 95 per cent of them will have some sort of set off or scuffing – even your brilliantly printed tome has. We have also never met a printer that hasn’t got a positive creative attitude. Our feelings are thus – get a dozen printers with attitude (creative or not) in a room and give them a choice of uncoated stock or coated stock to print in four colour process with two specials to bleed and see what happens.

To illustrate the point, we have recently printed a 36-page brochure that has a cover and dust jacket on uncoated stock and we are still waiting, after two weeks, for it to dry.

Andrew Palmer

Managing director

La Fenice Limited


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