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As the school holidays begin, Butlins has taken the decision to review its brand strategy. What do you think our beloved holiday camps should do to improve their appeal to families?

London ‘Most British people of the post-World War II era have the holiday camp burned into their psyche. Those chalets represented a liberation from the gaze of prying eyes, a place where early sexual conquests where fulfilled. These camps are frequently reinvented. But with so many cheap continental holidays on offer, it is difficult to know how Butlins can survive. It is the destination of a past era and it should have ended with the passing of the last millennium.’

Mike Dempsey, Founding partner, CDT Design

‘Recently, there’s been a Gadarene rush back to the 1950s. Just think of fashion, politics (Suez/ Iraq) and the celebration of domesticity. In these circumstances, Butlins has a unique opportunity: it should revert to its 1950s roots. Today’s coddled adults would love nothing better than an authentic 1950s experience – narrow beds, grisly food and officious Redcoats. Seize the moment, Butlins.’

Philip Dodd, Outgoing director, Institute of Contemporary Arts

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