Heeri Song

Song is Korean, but has adopted a multicultural approach to her designs. The Japanese art of Origami, whose geometric patterns she applies both to waterproof paper and stainless steel screens, is one of her main inspirations. But her dissertation on Arab motifs displays a wider interest in the grid as a sign, a sort of contemporary calligraphy to be applied to the shapes and forms of furniture. Her screens are about 3m long and can be customised as window blinds, ventilation grids or simply as beautiful decoration. Her fascination with MC Escher’s geometric designs can be detected in her outdoor seating system, a set of ten modular square slate seats which can be arranged into infinite variations. At the show she also displays a set of lights, with stainless steel grids softly illuminated by a pastel tone colour wheel. Song also came to the RCA to study furniture, but mentions how ‘Arad allowed us to do what we wanted. Everyone drifted in different directions since this is not a set course and you can explore. As a consequence, it has opened up my career choices.’ With a background in packaging in New York and product design at London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, Song sees her future as working with interior architects, ‘designing furniture within an environment’.

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